We have the best sunglasses on the planet made from the highest quality products.  Who else has a lifetime warranty?  Here are the specs of our Inferno Burn style sunglass/goggle.


The Burn style sunglass was designed to keep the wind out of your eyes at speeds of over 100mph. The shape alone took more than 10 years to design. The Burn is made with 6061 c and c machined aircraft aluminum. The frames can be adjusted to form-fit any size face and nose. They have dual-embedded spring-loaded hinges that grab onto the head, but aren’t too tight, so they are still comfortable. They are extremely lightweight for a metal sunglass. They come with removable TR-90 nylon foam inserts and are available in prescription with our r/x inserts as well. They can be modified with almost any engraving you can imagine. They can be hydro-dipped any color or design imaginable. They can be distressed or “road-rashed” as we like to call it, and we’re also now using Swarovski crystals on them as well to really “Bling: them out.


Here at Inferno USA, our lens options are really what separate us from our competition. We only use the highest quality lenses available. We have many options to choose from, but it’s very important to know that all of our lenses have 100% UVA and UVB protection. They are all shatterproof, optically correct, decentered lenses as well. They can also be replaced when need be. Here are some of your current options for lenses.

  1. Military grade 2.0 mm thick yellow to gray transitional-Z87.1 ANSI rated
  2. Military grade 2.0 mm thick clear to gray transitional-Z87.1 ANSI rated
  3. Polarized transitional grey
  4. Polarized transitional yellow
  5. Polarized transitional brown/amber
  6. Polarized Hi Def Vermillion/dark rose
  7. Polarized ice blue mirror
  8. Polarized fire red mirror
  9. Polarized white/silver mirror

Motorcycle sunglasses specs